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Philipp Harb
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Hi! I am Philipp Harb. I am studying Information and Computer Engineering in my masters at TU Graz. I specialize in signal processing (currently by means of neural engineering signals/brain-computer interfaces) and in IT security. I wrote my bachelor thesis Beacon-Tracking with an Embedded Software Defined Radio at Joanneum Research Institute for Space and Communication Technologies, and at the Institute for Communication Networks and Satellite Communications at TU Graz. I received my Matura at Akademisches Gymnasium Graz.
education Erasmus semester at Sveučilište u Zagrebu (FER and EFZG)
Information and Computer Engineering at Graz University of Technology (BSc. Telematik)
**Matura at Akademisches Gymnasium Graz
recent activity Study assistant at TU Graz (Institute of Applied Information Processing and Communications)
current city Graz, Austria
skills/I like... C, C++, Java, VHDL, HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, XML, AJAX, Python, LaTeX, databases, MySQL, SQLite, debian server, Git, Sage, MATLAB/Octave, ZFS, ZSH...
leisure activity swimming, race cycling, running, mountain biking
race cycling and mountain bike Rennrad Touren Graz Mountain Bike Touren Italien: Giro Dolomiti - Radtour durch die Dolomiten Graz (Rennrad): Graz - Södingberg - Gaberl - Bruck an der Mur Steiermark: Gesäuse Österreich: Radtour durch die Hohen Tauern Graz (Rennrad): Graz - St. Radegund - Semriach - Friesach
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